I have moved

22 Apr

Hello good folks who read this, the blog has been moved to this adress http://www.diffrentjamsith.blogspot.com/



31 Dec

I reccomend buying this book if you liked “The Secret”

Yay! Soon New Year, Stuff Going On! A Lot! Vlogs and School Movie!

30 Dec

I got a lot going on now, just wanted to inform about that!
New School Movie finally finished, almost. Starting a YouTube Vlog, The Tale of The Three Brothers movie manuscript is still in writing and a lot more!

What Christmas is about!

21 Dec

Christmas is not about presents or Santa Clause, it is about love, love for the people that allways are there for you and mean something

The Christmas Spirit

20 Dec

Merry Christmas to you and your family. I thought that I would share what music brings me the christmas spirit, and put’s me in the mood. So here is the list on Spotify, which I highly reccomend to get, then just click the Spotify list link. NOTE: If you like rap, hip-hop or what ever it’s called, then this might not be for you, cause I do not care for a piece of lyrics like “Yo! A Merry F****** Christmas to youre family!”


If J.K. Rowling…

19 Dec

It is rumoured that J.K. Rowlings about to write another book, based on the Harry Potter universe or about Harry Potter. So thinking about this I got a genious idea for a book, or three books, and here they are:
A book about the duel between Grindewald and Dumbledore, and what led to it.
A book about the history of the magic, you know, the book by Bathilda Bagshot
A book about the life of Dubmledore.
I hope J.K reads this little tiny article and makes up her mind, we Harry Potter fans desperatly needs her to feed our muggle minds with more of that wonderous magic of her’s.
by Leif B. Hammer, a huge gigantic Harry Potter fan!

Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

14 Dec

Finally the movie arrived in my hometown, and here are my thoughts on it!
I sat there as the light dimmed out. The projector lights hit the screen, the Warner Brothers logo appeared in the grey and depressing skies. And I knew it, this was going to be one heck of an experience.
I think the filmmakers have done a fabolous job on hitting to flies in one smack so to speak. They have managed to take away pieces that in the book repeats themselves, they have found little unimportant things that one could easily take away, and therefore done a good job. For a lot of people the movie will feel as if it’s not going anywhere but standing still. That it only have a few insidences here and there, but that the happening will be in the second part.
I ofcourse have read all the books, so it makes perfect sense to me. But when I put myself in the place of thought that I had not seen it I realised that most people who had not read the books would go out with a big “?” in their minds.
The end can be even more confusing towards those people, SPOILER WARNING!! Voldemort opens Dumbledores grave, takes the elder wand, points it up at the sky. And this “lightning” kind of magic shoots out. and then it fades out. So if they had not put the Part 1 after the real title that these people would think “Oh! So Voldemort takes over everything then? Ok, I can live with that”.
Some things I have to comment on are: The fact that they cut away the part where Dudley says goodbye, I was actually looking forward to that, because one would see that there were goodness in him afterall. And then theres “The Tale of The Three Brothers”, I imagined it as a “real” part. Like not-animated. Which it was, the animation was good, but I think it was a little to comical, and made one for a split second imagine that one was watching a cartoon.
All in all it was good and I can’t wait till Part 2, though some pieces of it could have been translated better, I want to give it a rating of five out of six.
“This movie is definately worth watching above all other movies this year!”
[5 OUT OF 6]